Anna Follinus: Between Two Silences (Két csend között)

You conceal a name only,
the other hides all that's behind it.
You question who it can be –
asks you back: who you want it to be.

Teach me to be yourself please –
you implore between two silences.
Only the grey eyelashes,
not what has been broken, are falling.

But at night when you’re asleep,
nestling against you, in your dream
makes birds fly and chases deer,
frightened of itself, into your sleep.

Getting up at dawn, in silence
sneaks out of your room leaving behind
just a blanket on your bed,
like frightened ants their crumbs behind.

Then, still snuggles up to you,
pokes around you looking for spring.
You will see – when touching you –
the fingers are swinging with the reed.

Translated by: Maria Bencsath