Anna Follinus: Between Transience and Eternity (Mulandóság és öröklét között)

In loneliness I am also alone.
I’m learning to talk without vocal cords.
There is no relief, no support at all.
After one word I stop, I do not talk.

It is cold, I wrap my coat around me.
I only listen to the sound of movements.
Without silence there is no destiny,
neither is there any peace left for me.

When I point at myself I look at you.
I search for the person I could be in you.
Every day I write a letter to you,
yet every evening slips by without you.

Then desires mount above me in bed,
and at times they also come and lift me.
However, now I am defenseless when
you embrace and yet do not embrace me.

That the kiss is: just a flower head hanging.
That your chest is: between earth and fruit tree.
I would tie your far away world to me –
tying transience to eternity.

Translated by: Maria Bencsath