Margit Kaffka: A Wanderer’s Song (Wherever I go fields of flowers show) (Vándor ének (Amerre járok, nő virág))

Wherever I go fields of flowers show: –
As I pluck at them – it's you I think of.
The prettiest rose I would send you now,
You are far away, there is no way how, -
It would fade away if arrived at all!

I have a pigeon, – with wings that are white, –
I would send it to you for a reply,
I know it is fast when it is in flight, – but -
It has a nest at the edge of the forest,
Never reaching you, – it would stay behind.

And deep inside my heart – my dearest man,
Even my melody becomes pointless.
Would the current of showers carry it, ---
See, will get lost in far away valleys,
I don't trust it with the song my heart has.

Translated by: Maria Bencsath