Lőrinc Szabó: What Can be Saved (Ami menthető)

I am tired of sadness, it has
tortured me long enough, and now,
I am looking at it with anger
as if it was some kind of grime,

I look at it like an enemy,
as I must, with hostility:
it is too easy to be sad and
I have no more time for it.

Indeed I don’t, since from morning till
night I’m working for my children,
I have less money than last year and
my heart has gotten even worse,

and this will continue through my life,
it can only become worse, thus
I do try to endure it all, and
if ruined, I don’t mind at all:

this is how I am trying to save
whatever I can from my life,
and once in a while I may perhaps
be even happy for a short time.

Translated by: Maria Bencsath