János Pilinszky: When You Arrive (Mire megjössz)

I will be alone when you arrive,
the only one who’s left alive,
only down feathers fill the empty pen,
only stars are left instead of the sky.

Being in unburied orphanage,
like in a wintry garbage dump,
plucking amongst the heap of rubbish,
I am rummaging through my life.

That will be our absolute peace.
Even my heartbeat is silent,
ecstatic barricades of silence
surround us from everywhere.

The timeless and mere eternity.
It is yours, and no one’s but yours,
and it has been meant for you only
this marvelous simplicity.

Like a basket man without his limbs,
time has been resting wordlessly,
desire has lost its arms and legs,
a gasping trunk is all that's left.

When you arrive, all will be lost,
my house, soft bed both will be gone,
then we’re going to be able to
lounge around freely in complete joy.

Just don't steal from me! Don't desert me!
If you are weak, I will be finished.
Waking up in bed among pillows
to street-noise would be despicable.

Translated by: Maria Bencsath